Under construction still, but things are moving along. I now have a forum and most of the page up and running just not polished off yet. At least now you can access all the parts of the page that were there before.
Under construction hang in there. I need to get this web site updated so I can add content with less trouble. Looks like trash now but it will get better shortly.
Happy New Year, Ok I am on another host. Blue locker was not working out site kept going down no clue why. Hopefully this will be more stable. Since HL2 came out I have pretty much moved over to the source engine.
Its been a LONG time since i updated this site about 2 - 1/2 years. Welcome to my new home hosted at And a new address too, I am thrilled to rid myself of the geocities hosting now that i have a decent host I will start updatign the page. I was not even allowed to ftp the geocities page. So whats going on with me now? I am workign for the half-life elite modification as lead level designer and a programmer. You might also notice my email address has changed.