I remade a demo for my map moss because the old one didnt work with the 1108 patch you can download it by clicking here or you can go to the files section and click on the info for moss link.
I made a demo for my map moss you can download it by clicking here or you can go to the files section and click on the info for moss link. I made it cause people seem to have a hard time grasping the idea behind the map. It just shows a few of the ways to get around and get items in the map, to get you thinking along the right lines.
I am releasing MOSS my new map that is both for opposing force and halflife just put it in your valve/maps folder its in the files section. I dont see anymore maps in my future so i guess take a look at what might be my last if you want. Also i finally just put out TPARK which is a new ag campatible version of terrain park so grab it up its better then terrainpark. I also changed the team binds page, so check it out its has my config and configs for a bunch of maps in a zip, that is under INFO. So thats the big update and i only have one more project for op4 which depends on if they make multicast for op4 and if dak can hook me up with some team color capable models. It could be really good for op4 clan matches if all works out. Cause if they dont have multicast for op4 then I can still hook you up with spectator and some other junk which some people will think is real cool and what not.
I added the newbie tutorial and a new map named bot as well as reorganised the files section.
I have done a little updating and I updated op4_stalkyard so it is a little less laggy please grab the new stalkyard if you are a server. I also have made 4 op4 map weapon conversions for ag mod you can get them at
I have added 2 new maps terrainpark, and op4_terrainpark. Also added a new skin called Aristocrat he is sweet if you cant look good in real life get this model so at least you can look good in halflife. I took down the -=ELITE=- server link cause the server is never up anymore sorry all you bootcamp fans and people who were looking to play where admins could regulate the game a little. I played with the links a little and there is good news that is op4 clans went up a little. I took the 1100 dlls and new op4ctf.wad out of the files since most servers have updated.
3 maps where added to the files section op4ctf_stalkyard, op4_boot, and boot. 1100 op4 client dlls and the 1103 op4ctf.wad are in the files too. Updated the clans page and added the scores for the k9 vs BcX match. Updated some links too.
I added the scores for the BcX vs TKK, BcX vs ca$ino, BcX vs ca$ino vs POT, BcX vs FUCT and BcX vs GM matches.
I fixed the PHENYL link, and added the scores for the BcX vs POT and BcX vs OTC matches.
More links, and I have added the maps of park and rubble to the teamplay binds page under info.
Four more clans added to the links page, and the scores for the clan match vs FUCT in clans page under matches.
More links, and I added a map of crossfire to the teamplay binds page, under the info section.
Added POT to the links page and i was in a match BCX vs POT today screen shots are in the clans section under matches.
Fixed a broken link to OTC in the links page and added to the teamplay gonfig, it now has more info and maps to some of the levels for the areas. Plus I added another map to the files section op4_fagbox.
More links, and skins have been added to the files section and more will me coming soon. I had a clan match with BCX vs GM the game masters. You can see the results on the clans page under matches which is a new page.
I added my new map op4_stalkyard and Cyanidestalkyard under the files section. I was in my first clan match with BCX we matched POT.
More links, and i no longer play for FUCT i now play for BCX. Also more tags and a config in the downloads section.
More links plus there are now pics and info for my maps under the files section.
New stuff under INFO and I added to the links page. Plus the top graphic now directs you back to your prior page.