This is the place to interpret the code used by me to quickly communicate, with out the use of a radio program such as roger wilco. If you look at this and say whoa who can remember all that. Don't worry start with just a few phrases you use often then build on it. Also don't try to remember the codes for guns that you use rarely. I have never wanted to say "I need a pipe wrench" or a magnum. Also you may prefer to just bind keys to say what you want. But if you are on my team you may see me using these and you may want to know what I am saying.


cb - crowbar
pw - pipe wrench
kf - knife
gr - grappler/barnacle
ps - handgun
de - desert eagle
mn - 357/magnum
ar - 9mmAR/MP5
sg - shotgun
xb - crossbow
rl - rocket launcher/RPG
tc - gauss gun/tau cannon
gg - gluon/egon gun
bg - hornet/bee gun
hg - hand grenade
rd - remote detonate satchel
tm - trip mine
sn - snarks
mg - M-249 SAW machinegun
dp - displacer
sr - sniper rifle
sl - spore launcher
eg - shock rifle/electric gun


i - I/I need/me command
y - you command
h - health
v - HEV armor
a - ammo
r - right
l - left
c - center
t - top
b - bottom
cm - cover me
f - follow
ui - DANGER back off
jp - jump pack
ag - 9mmAR/MP5 grenades
? - asks about status of others
p - position or placement.


This may not make much sense yet but it will if you interpret it right. Also you should be able to communicate most of the important things you want to say in 4 letters or less. Here is how it works.

I need a rocket launcher. - irl
I need health. - ih
I need 9mmAR grenades. iag
Follow me. - fi
You take the left. - yl


Player code - You can assign a code to players to shorten communication a number or a mostly unused letter can be used. I am usually 3 "f3t" follow santagauss up top

hXXX XXX - this gives your health then HEV armor status. leave off armor number for just health "h29 5" 29 health and 5 HEV shield

vXXX - gives HEV armor status "v45" 45 HEV armor

"weapon"XXX - gives amount of ammo for a weapon you have "tc98" 98 gaussclips

i"weapon"a - I need this weapons ammo, leave off "a" for I need this weapon "irla" I need rocket launcher ammo, "iar" I need a 9mmAR

f"i/y/playercode""position" - follow me/you/a certain player a direction. leave off position letter if not needed. "fy" you lead the way "fil" follow me left. this can be a very dynamic code. in certain situations it can specify which side you are supposed to cover especially when working in pairs. so "fyr" can be u take right and lead the way.

"i/y/playercode""position" - I/you/player cover the right/left/center/bottom/top "ir" I take right you can even leave the player part off and just type "c" I cover center

ui - DANGER back off. to warn a team mate if you spot a trap or well fortified camper(many times satchels), back off and get a better plan of attack. only reason for those letters is their keyboard placement

cm"playercode/y" - cover me usually for getting health or armor from a machine or getting a difficult to obtain object. adding the playercode or y usually isn't needed unless you want a certain person to cover you

"weapon/object/p""playercode/y"? - prompts someone or every one to give you the status of the weapon, position in a map or object you specified "h?" what is your health and armor status? "p?" where are you, most of the time the "?" can be left off and people will know what you want NOTE the position prompt requires people to understand what key words are associated with a point in the level, or that you make up a whole set of code for labeling positions in a level

That should be enough to get you around. Some things you say often should just be bound to a key. If you bind it to a key just say it all don't use the code. Also that is not the only phrases the code can handle but should get you around. If I find myself using another phrase often, I will add it here.