op4_stalkyard Version 2.0

ATTENTION -- I have updated op4_stalkyard to attempt to treat some of the lag in the map. I can not cure it without renaming it. So this is the best i can do I deleted a bunch of spores and some mines and moved the bee gun into the vents. Please Download this new version here and tell everyone you know to download it so there will not be 2 versions floating around. You will know if you have the right version if there is a title at the start of the map that has my web site when you create YOUR OWN SERVER. This version is compatible with the old one so servers dont have to worry about clients getting map differs errors. The game play is almost exactly the same.

op4_stalkyard is a remake of the popular map stalkyard for halflife death match. There are some major differences between op4_stalkyard and Stalkyard which is why i made CyanideStalkyard the halflife death match version of op4_stalkyard.

You can now go up on the roof.

The outside has been expanded on one side

The upstairs has been replaced by another crate storage room.

Some boxes and weapons have been moved.

The opposing force version even has penguins hidden of course open a crate door and find a jumppack, then go to the back of the crate and open another door.

Every weapon is in the map some are hidden and the gluon is hidden very well. It is in the small crate room go to the top of the tallest stack of crates make sure you have a tau cannon too. and break the crates in the corner then go into the hole and get the gluon then tau jump out.

DOWNLOAD op4_stalkyard.zip Version 2.0 NOW!
DOWNLOAD CyanideStalkyard.zip NOW!