I am trying to keep this short. But I wanted to put this up because I see alot of people who have been playing this game for years and still dont understand how some of the weapons work, or know about binding so yo can switch weapons more accurately to avoid bumnosing and getting caught with the wrong weapon in your hand. It is also for people just starting in the game so they arent totally lost.

Step 1: Getting console working
First find the half-life shortcut, right-click on it and select properties

Next select the shortcut tab, and in the target line add -console after hl.exe

should look something like this
C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe -console -dev -numericping

This will allow you to access the console during the game to change your name, model and many other things
Some other things you can enter in the target line are...
-numericping which will let you see the ping in milliseconds of servers.
-dev which put your game in developers mode.

Step 2: Setting Key configurations
Open up halflife click on multiplayer then click on controls. select default configurations.
Your configurations are now set up so that W is forward S is backwards A is move left and D is move right.
the numbers on the key board switch your weapons
and the mouse is used for looking, and left click is primary fire and right click is secondary firing.
CTRL is used for ducking and spacebar is used for jumping.
Q is last weapon,
R is for reloading weapons
E is the use key for recharing at health and energy machines
Step 3:binding weapons and using the console
most good players use extra binds to pull out certain weapons with one key. so we are going to bind several of the most powerful weapons
to do this you need to bind through the console.
So create a lan game go to halflife and select multiplayer then select lan games then click on create game.
select a map and then push ok
you are now ingame
in game you will need to open the console with with tilda key it looks like this ~ and is located just under the Esc key
when in the console type this
bind f weapon_gauss
and then press enter
f should now be bound to bring out your tau cannon/gauss gun
now add these other weapon binds
bind x weapon_9mmAR
bind v weapon_crossbow
bind c weapon_rpg
bind 3 weapon_shotgun
Now press the ~ key again to close the console. and you should have your weapon binds set up.
The console can be used for many things there are many commands you can enter. It will let you change many settings without leaving the game. A few commands you should know are.
model "modelname"
- this will change your player model or team if in a teamplay server, just replace modelname with the model you want to be.
name "John Doe"
- changes your name.
- kills you if you get stuck and cant move or need to die for some reason.
- Drops the current weapon in your hand, good to give a team mate a weapon if he just spawned.
Step 4: Hand positioning
Now see how you place your hands to play the game. left hand on keyboard right hand on mouse
right hand middle finger on right mouse button
right hand index finger on left mouse button
left hand middle finger on W
left hand index finger on D
left hand ring finger on A
left hand pinky finger on CTRL
left hand thumb on SPACEBAR
Your left hand does all the moving and weapon switching, and your right hand is dedicated to aiming and firing. Your left hand index finger will do most of the weapon switching since the binds for crossbow mp5 rpg and gauss are very close to it. A tip i have is dont get used to using the mouse wheel to switch weapons it is too slow use the numbers on the keyboard and the weapon binds.

Step 5: Long jumping

You need to find the longjump pack in the map and get it after each death. While moving forward, press duck CTRL and jump SPACEBAR. this should make you long jump if you have the longjump pack. You can do it as much as you want once you get the longjump pack. this is critical to the game when moving around the map fast, getting to some weapons and evading shots.


mp5/9mmAR and grenades

Primary fire shoots bullets in full auto
secondary fire shoots grenades which lob so you have to learn how to time it and lead your opponent.
rpg/rocket launcher

primary fire fires the rocket
secondary fire turns the guiding laser on and off
the rpg can reload faster when the laser is off, but rockets can not be guided with out the laser

Primary fires the crossbow. Secondary fire zooms the crossbow in and out. When zoomed out the crossbow shoots a bolt that explodes on contact. When zoomed in the crossbow fires a nonexplosive bolt that does more damage. In close range it is a powerfull weapon if you take aim while zoomed out then click both fire buttons at the same time. it will then fire a nonexplosive shot and then zoom in. Press your last weapon key "Q" twice real fast to zoom out faster. The crossbow is very accurate.
tau cannon/gauss gun

The tau is the most usefull and versitile weapon in the game, it is also the hardest weapon to learn to use.
primary fire of the tau is fairly weak and shoots a single shot. seconary fire is the more used aspect of the tau.
when using the secondary fire you hold down the secodary fire botton and the tau begins to charge, it will continue to use up cells untill you release the seconary fire key or use 10 cells. once it has used ten cells it will contiue to spin and hold its charge for up to 10 seconds at wich point it if you have not fired by then it will over charge and cause 50 hp damage to your player for over charging. The tau is very accurate. and bounces off stuff when it hits at angles less then about 60 degrees.
When you fire the tau it exerts a force on your player. this can be used to force your player up into the air or move him in the opposite direction as the gun was fired. if practiced this can become a most useful form of movement for navigating a map and evading incoming shots. Learn to jump then fire the tau for extra boost. with the right timing of the jump and the fire and if you shoot the right direction you can move very far and high without using very much ammo. There are 3 basic ways players jump with the tau. the easiest is the face your back the direction you want to go and shoot the gun at an angle throwing you back(this means you cant see where you are going). 2 is to run forward tward where you want to go then look strait down at the ground and shoot.(you can see where you are going but you cant move accross a map as fast since all your force is going strait up in the air with only your momentum to carry you forward). 3 is to run forward then quickly look behind you and shoot the tau at the right angle and direction then look back forward. (takes more practice but is really worth it you can move fast in any direction and see where you are going). You can also strafe in the air to move your self around a little to fine tune where you are going to land.
Another way the tau can be used is a player can shoot himself up in the air and then switch weapons and fire rockets or grenades down on the opponent still below. as you get better at this you can develope combos while you are in the air, for example you can shoot your self up then pull out the mp5 and shoot grenades then switch to rpg, and fire a rocket, and finally try for either a xbow shot or finish him off with a shotgun.
Another thing the tau can do is it can shoot trough walls. The tau does not just shoot strait it explodes through the wall damaging any thing in an area behind the wall where it hit this is called splash damage. this becomes very usefull when dealing with campers or players who like to run away. if you can predict a players movement you can use the tau to spray him through a wall. or when he comes out a door you can shoot the crossbeam above his head and cause spray damage down on him. some of the more used forms of spray include spraying corners, crossbeams, or nuking off the ground.
there are several ways the tau can hurt the person carrying it other then over charging. The tau will bounce off of anything it hits at less then a 60 degree angle. some times when it bounces the splash damage can get you. The tau also can ricochet off things and hurt you. there are cirtain places in maps where this happens I wont get into what causes it because the maker of a map does that in ways which he may not even realize he did. So you have to just play maps and learn where ricochet occurs. The most famous spot has got to be at the bridge in bootcamp if you shoot strait at the support in the middle it ussually kills you.

sporelauncher (Opposing Forces and Half-Life Elite only)

primary fire shoots the spore strait at the target.
secondary fire lobs the spores at the target, spores will bounce if they are fired from secondary fire position.
shooting the spore at the ceiling above and opponent causes massive explosive damage less powerfull explosive damage can be achieved by shooting at the floor by people or off of walls close to people.
SAW/M249 (Opposing Forces and Half-Life Elite only)

primary fire fires this fast cycling weapon in full auto. extremely deadly weapon but runs out of ammo quickly.
saw is more accurate when fired while ducking.
The saw kicks alot which can be used to break your fall off of high objects or using it to give you an extra boost from the ground to get on other wise too high of objects for a normal jump.
sniper rifle (Opposing Forces and Half-Life Elite only)

primary fire shoots a single shot that is very accurate and powerful.
secondary fire zooms it in, and out.
Step 7: general information and tips
AIM if you cant learn anything else you can learn to aim it doesnt take much thinking just practice. Headshots count for 3 times as much damage as a body shot so get used to aiming for the head.
movement keep moving it is almost always to your advantage in half-life to keep moving. make yourself a hard target and practing aiming while you are moving.
knowing the map this is critical if you want to be consistent when playing online, know the maps you are going to play well, even if this means just opening up a lan game and learning to move through it with out anybody else in the map. this will help with stocking up on weapons and ammo and knowing alternate ways to get to places
stocking is important learning how to get weapons fast as soon as you spawn in the map this will help you to not be killed as much when you dont have weapons. 5
keeping full on health and energy this will help you survive more fights then someone who does not keep full. always be on the look out for health and energy.
know the spawn points and know where the closest weapons are so that you can quickly get to weapons. after you have died
prediction learn where stuff is in a map so that you can guess where players are going to go if they are in need of health or a particular weapon. then you can beat them to the spot and kill them when they arrive.
Watch what other players are doing and try to do it yourself. I dont want to get to detailed so i leave much of the learning up to you. There are different styles and tactics that work in different maps. See what player do well in cirtain maps and watch what tactics work for them. It doesnt mean there tactics are always good but it is good to understand them anyway so you can figure out how to beat them.
Build muscle memory. learn to move and switch weapons without thinking about what key to push it should all be natural so you can think about the game not what key to push. Learn to do all these things as fast as posible so nothing is holding you back in game.