This is moss it has many very interesting features. It is too much to get into them all you will have to really explore this map and think beyond the obvious. I did alot with clip planes to make somethings easier, and guide players flying aroud the map. there are only a few weapons in the map that require anything more then what you spawn with a they might need either the long jump or the tau, or the SAW/m249 if you are in opposing force. You will probably be impressed at where you can go with a longjump, but you will be amazed at what you can do without one.

MOSS DEMO - Well I did make a demo for moss after running a server and a friend running a server I see that some people really need a kick start for this map. Anyone who watches this demo will probably learn alot so check it out if you want to learn more about the map faster. It should help to get you thinking more about other ways to move around and possible scenarios in the map too. DOWNLOAD MOSSDEMO.ZIP NOW
To use the demo just unzip it to your half-life/valve folder and then start a lan game on any map and type into the console "playdemo moss"

The gluon/egon may be hard to get at first it requires only the tau and a little skill.

Over on the sniper tower is a spawn point in the bottom are mines. Which would normally mean spawn mining, but i am trying a new technique to stop that so please by all means try to mine the sniper tower spawn point. It should not work to well. There are a couple things where a jumping up on a team mate will help to get them faster, if you are without tau.

Look up a good place to be afk or type

3 tau cannons/gauss
3 longjumps
1 egon/gluon
no beegun
1.20 MB