This is a remake of the halflife death match map stalkyard. It was made for all the people who love stalkyard and wish to play a map of its style in opposing force. Now I bring you the opposing force capture the flag version. This map is breaking all the rules for op4ctf maps. I intend this map to bring the HLDM style of play that has made Half-life and oposing force so great to op4ctf.

This map is not a fair map! Nothing in life is fair. The point is to use your strength and skill to exploit your opponents weakness.

The gauss and longjump are included in the map.

The opposing force base contains sporelaunchers and M249s, the black messa base contains shotguns and 9mmARs, both bases have an RPG. Weighted powerup spawn points are in each base as are a few player spawn points.

A player can spawn in your own base or anywhere in the playing area between the two bases.

The turrets have been made easier to use.
The roof has been changed to slow a flag runner.
Weapon placement has been changed to even the spread of weapons.
Textures have been fixed.
Lighting has been changed to look better.
The hornetgun has been relocated.

penguins are hidden in a crate in the big outside area. open the door and find a jumppack, then go to the back of the crate and open another door to get the penguins.
The gluon gun is hidden in the small crate room go to the top of the tallest stack of crates make sure you have a tau cannon too. and break the crates in the corner then go into the hole and get the gluon then tau jump out.
You can go up on the roof either by taujumping, grappling or the vent over a light in the small crate room.
At least one of every weapon is in this map so if you cant find it keep looking.

If half-life crashes because of a wad problem get the op4ctf.wad from opposing force 1103 and put it in your gearbox folder. The proper op4ctf.wad can be downloaded here

DOWNLOAD op4ctf_stalkyard.zip NOW!